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The New Website:

Marion Susini
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Notes de la rédaction

Source: La lettre, no. 35, December 2012

Texte intégral

1The project to redesign the Collège de France website drew on recurrent comments from Internet users, professors, researchers, and all the contributors.

2Everyone converged around a same goal: to better promo­te one of the main political guiding principles of the institution, namely to share the results of first-class research with as many people as possible, using high-performing tools. The new Collège de France website was put online in September 2012, following eight months of preparatory work and the project’s validation by the Faculty.

3All the information relating to an event is now gathered according to the date of the teaching (lecture, seminar or confe­rence). The same goes for all of a professor’s teaching­ activities, in order to preserve continuity over the years. Significant editorial work has therefore begun to enrich this presentation. The presentation of the teachings will be complemented with a number of texts written by the professors or their scientific colleagues, taken for the most part from summaries of the annual series of lectures published by the Collège de France. This HTML text supplement will also allow for enhanced referencing by search engines. The web pages’ user friendliness has also been reviewed. In order to facilitate reading, we have opted for horizontal browsing, which is much more comfortable and intuitive for users than the previous­ vertical browsing.

Given the considerable increase
in scientific content, both in French
and in English (2,200 audio recordings,
3,000 videos and 5,000 pdf), a new
architecture was adopted to allow
for easier access.

4Given that the use of handheld devices has virtually become the norm, users are now being offered a website which can adapt to smartphones and tablets. It is also compatible with all personal computer screen sizes. With this in mind the Iphone application will be launched in 2013, closely following the one for android phones. Furthermore, short videos recently made of interviews with the professors are now available; they are more accessible than a lecture and can be an incentive to gain deeper knowledge. While the website includes all the scientific material broadcast, the Collège de France has also extended its presence to social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and content aggregator sites (Itunes, itunesU, Youtube and dailymotion).

5The third part of this new design project has consisted in promoting the General Library, the Archives and the specialized libraries of the Collège de France (see p. 108). They now have a specific section on the website. It seemed crucial to make them better known, as most of them offer unique collections worldwide. They provide users, and particularly students and resear­chers, with high-performance research tools. In line with these develop­ments, the year 2013 will be more particularly devoted to the “Research” section, which still needs to be developed to reflect fully its core position at the heart of the Institution’s activities. This will also be the case of the “Publications” sections, in order to promote the publishing activities of the Collège de France publishers involved in the dissemination of knowledge, particularly through electronic editing. Finally, one of the further aims of the website is to extend the Collège de France’s international outreach and promote its visibility abroad. A wealth of content in English is already available on the site, which will soon offer browsing and contents in other languages as well, starting with Chinese.

6Enlarging the content of the site and developing the media on which it is available were made possible thanks to the support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation. All these developments are allowing the Collège de France website to reflect the degree of excellence of this unique institution and to present fully its scientific wealth to as many people as possible, be they experts or simply curious laypersons.

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