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Faculty facts and data 2011/2012

Other events

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1For Lectures and Lectures Series, See Visiting Professors, pp. 104-105

October 2011

2• Inaugural Symposium of the Tdai Forum (The University of Tokyo) “Imagining the Future” 17 October 2011

3Every two years, Tokyo University (Tdai) organizes in a different country, under the heading of “Tdai Forum”, a presentation of its teaching and research activities in order to foster international collaboration and the mobility of its professors and students. In 2011, the Tdai Forum “The Frontiers of Knowledge” was held in France: http://www

4• Symposium “The Penal Responsibility of Legal Entity: European and International Perspectives” 20-22 October 2011

5Organized by the Association de recherches pénales euro­péennes and the Resident Research Team at the Collège de France “Internormativities in Penal Law”. Supported by the UMR of Comparative Law (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne/CNRS)​default/​EN/​all/​act_eve/​Duau_22_octobre_2011_La_re.htm

November 2011

6• Symposium “Gender Bias and Diseases: Which Genetic Mechanisms?” 23 November 2011

7Organised by Prof. Jean-Louis Mandel, Human Genetics

December 2011

8• Symposium “Cultural Diplomacy: An Asset for France in a Changing World” 12-13 December 2011

9Organized by the French Institute at the Collège de France (with the participation of Collège de France professors)

January 2012

10• Guest Lecturers (invited by the Claude-Antoine Peccot Foundation) Prof. Alessio FIGALLI, The University of Texas at Austin (USA) “Stabilité dans les inégalités fonctionnelles, transport optimal et EDP”, Lectures series: 6, 13, 10 and 17 January 2012. Prof. Vincent PILLONI, Researcher 
CNRS, École normale supérieure de Lyon. “Variété de Hecke et cohomologie cohérente”, Lectures series: 25 January, 1st, 8 and 15 February 2012

February 2012

11• A Tribute to Jacques THUILLIER (1928-2011), History of Artistic Creation at the Collège de France from 1977 to 1998. 16 February 2012 (Amphithéâtre Marguerite de Navarre)

April 2012

12• Symposium “Baudelaire Modern and Anti-Modern” 10 April 2012

13Organized by Prof. Antoine COMPAGNON, Modern and Con­temporary French Literature: History, Criticism, Theory

14“Anatomy of a Humanoid Robot” 2 April 2012

15Additional Lecture, Jean-Paul LAUMOND, Technological Inno­vation – Liliane Bettencourt (Illustrated by means of a huma­noid robot HRP2 – 1m54, 58 kg, and followed by a debate with the audience on the stakes and challenges of humanoid robotics)

May 2012

16• Two-day International Symposium “From Mice to Men and Bench to Bed” 2-3 May 2012

17Organized by Prof. Philippe Kourilsky, Molecular Immunology

18• Symposium“Metaphysics and Sciences” 4 May 2012

19Organised jointly by Prof. Claudine Tiercelin, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Knowledge, and Max Kistler, President of the Société de philosophie analytique (SOPHA) and professor at the Université Paris I

June 2012

20• Closing Symposium “Robotics: Science and Technology” 12-13 June 2012 (In English)

21Organized by Prof. Jean-Paul Laumond, Technological Inno­vation – Liliane Bettencourt

22• Symposium “INEXC: International Network on Expectational Coordination” 27, 28 and 29 June 2012

23Organized by Prof. Roger GUESNERIE, Economic Theory and Social Organization

24• Symposium “Les arts de la paix dans une Europe en guerre (1450-1945)” (The Arts of Peace in Europe at War) 6-8 June 2012

25Organized by the CNRS République des lettres - Respublica Lite­raria Research team, with the Laboratoire d'excellence TransferS, with the support of the Collège de France’s Institute of Literary Studies, of the École normale supérieure de Paris, the CNRS and the Société des amis du Louvre.​site/​actualites/​6-au-8-juin-2012-les-arts-de-la-paix-dans-une-europe-en-guerre-1450-1945.htm

November 2012

26• Inaugural Lecture: Prof. Alain Supiot

27The Welfare State and Globalization: A Legal Analysis of Forms of Solidarity 29 November 2012

28• Closing Days of the Assises Nationales de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la recherche 26-27 November 2012

29Launched by the Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, followed by Serge Haroche, Administrateur of the Collège de France, and Geneviève Fioraso, Minister of Higher Education and Research

December 2012

30• Inaugural Lecture: Prof. Edith Heard

31Epigenetics and Cellular Memory, “Epigenetics, development and Heredity” 13 December 2012

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