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N° 9 – The status of the lexicon in speaker-centered theories

Deadline for sending in papers accepted: 15 March 2014

The e-journal Lexis is planning to publish its nineth issue, which will focus on the status of the lexicon in speaker-centered theories, in June 2014.

Guest editors
Geneviève Girard-Gillet, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3, France, and Catherine Chauvin, Université de Lorraine, France.

The status of the lexicon in speaker-centered theories

These theories differ from other theories, in so far as they seek to analyse languages through attested utterances. As a result, they try to take into account the context of the utterances, the relationship between the speaker and the co-speaker, as well as the conversational data involved, in order to explain their form and how their interpretation is construed.

This issue of E-Lexis aims to explore the extent to which these theoretical choices have an impact on the way the lexicon is envisaged and how the relations between lexicon, syntax, morphology, phonology, pragmatics, semantics are organised. Are these domains independent or do they interact?

A number of previous studies have focussed on the search to define an “invariant” or “basic value”, underlying various phenomena, and it is necessary to establish whether it is through these particular analyses that the lexicon has found its place in the theory.

What is a lexical unit in this approach? What is its status?

Using contextualised examples, the articles can propose specific analyses, in order to understand divergences from other theoretical approaches, or possible similarities. They can also consider related epistemological questions.

How to submit

Manuscripts may be written in French or English and should be accompanied by an abstract of up to 10 lines in French and English, as well as a list of 5 key words. They should be sent to the General Editor of Lexis, Denis Jamet, as e-mail attachments, (Word and pdf), and will be refereed by members of the international Scientific Committee. (Manuscripts may be accepted either in their original form, subject to revision or refused). Articles are limited to 8,000 words, excluding references; data sets and illustrative and complementary material can be accommodated in appendices, for which there is no size limit.

Scientific board: Jean Albrespit, Claude Delmas, Lionel Dufaye, Gérard Mélis, Jean- Marie Merle, Nigel Quayle, Graham Ranger.

  • Deadline for sending in abstracts: 15 July 2013.

  • Deadline for sending in papers accepted: 15 March 2014.

Abstracts and articles will be sent via email at


  • April 2013: call for papers

  • 15 July 2013: deadline for sending in abstracts to Lexis

  • Late July 2013: Scientific Committee’s decisions sent to authors

  • 30 September 2013: deadline for sending in papers

  • November 2013 to January 2014: proofreading of papers by the Scientific Committee

  • January to February 2014: authors’ corrections

  • 15 March 2014: deadline for sending in final versions of papers.

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