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N° 3 – Borrowing

Deadline for sending in papers accepted: March 2009

Guest editors
Aurélia Paulin, Université de Besançon and Jenn
ifer Vince, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3.


The e-journal Lexis is planning to publish its third issue, devoted to Linguistic Borrowing in English, in October 2009. We are inviting papers dealing with the richness and diversity of loan words in English in general, as well as papers dealing with such questions as the loan word contribution of specific languages to English, the historical dimension, the motivation and remotivation of loan words, the various processes of assimilation and adaptation, the processes of transfer and shift etc, this list being far from exhaustive.

How to submit

Manuscripts may be written in French or in English, and should be accompanied by an abstract of up to 10 lines in French and in English, as well as a list of the relevant key words. They should be sent to the Editor of Lexis, Denis Jamet as email attachments (Word and pdf), and will be refereed by two members of the international evaluation committee. Manuscripts may be rejected, accepted subject to revision, or accepted as such. There is no limit to the number of pages.

  • Deadline for sending in abstracts: 1st February 2008.

  • Deadline for sending in papers accepted: March 2009.

If you plan to submit a manuscript, whether individually or collectively, please advise Aurélia Paulin or Jennifer Vince, who are in charge of this issue of Lexis, as soon as possible.

Abstracts and articles will be sent via email at


  • October 2007: call for papers

  • February 2008: deadline for sending in abstracts to Lexis

  • March 2008: Evaluation Committee’s decisions notified to authors

  • September 2008: deadline for sending in papers

  • October to December 2008: proofreading of papers by the Evaluation committee

  • January to March 2009: authors’ corrections

  • March 2009: deadline for sending in final versions of papers.

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