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Submit an abstract or an article

Lexis – Journal in English Lexicology is an open access journal whose articles are freely and immediately accessed, without any cost. The journal does not charge any submission or publication fees and welcomes submissions which may take the form of individual or collective work. Articles can be written either in English or in French. Please indicate the following details when sending your article or abstract:

  • First name and surname

  • Professional address

  • E-mail address

  • Position and title

Submissions (abstracts and articles) will be uploaded onto the journal’s submission platform. If you encounter any problem, please send a message to Lexis.

Calls-for-papers take place every 6 months. If you are interested in submitting an abstract or an article, you can either send a finished article, or just an abstract to start with. Please clearly indicate the title of the paper and include an abstract of no more than 5,000 characters as well as a list of relevant keywords and references.

The double-blind evaluation process is carried out anonymously, for both the evaluators and the author, by experts in the discipline. The members of the scientific committee evaluate the submissions, assisted by external experts solicited according to the specificities of each issue.

Each issue is directed by one or more guest editors. The editors appoint a scientific committee composed of a dozen members who are experts in the theme of the issue and who will evaluate the submissions, assisted by the members of the journal’s permanent scientific committee.

Upon receipt of the articles, the editor-in-chief and/or the guest editors send the submitted articles to the evaluators, who are members of the scientific committee of the issue and of the journal. Each anonymized article is sent to two experts for evaluation, who then send their evaluation reports to the journal’s editorial team. Each submission (abstract and article) will be reviewed via the evaluation forms available below (see “Attachments”). The evaluations indicate whether the article submission is rejected, accepted with major modifications, accepted with minor modifications, or accepted as it is. Evaluators are asked to provide constructive and benevolent comments so that the authors can improve their contribution and thus increase their chances of publication. In case of divergent evaluations, the opinion of a third expert is sought by the guest editors, and a final decision is made by the scientific committee of the issue. The journal editorial team then sends the anonymous evaluation reports of each evaluator to the authors.

Once the article submission is accepted with minor or major modifications, the article revised with the evaluators’ comments is sent to the same experts a second time. They formulate a new opinion (rejected, accepted with major modifications, accepted with minor modifications, or accepted as it is) which is sent anonymously to the authors. The authors can thus take into consideration the new remarks of the evaluators before sending the final version of their article. Each article is submitted to the anti-plagiarism software “Compilatio”. The report provided by the software is kept for each article.

Authors of a text submitted to Lexis – Journal in English Lexicology have to authorize the journal to publish their article under a non-exclusive contract ceding rights in his/her name and in the names of his/her co-authors. The contract will be sent before the article is published and can be downloaded below (see “Attachments”). By virtue of the cultural, scientific and educational nature of the journal the contract states that the cession of authorial rights is made without payment. Authors grant the journal the right to distribute their article under a Creative Commons license. This transfer of rights is non-exclusive, and authors may publish their contribution later, provided that they mention the reference of their publication in the journal.

As authors are granting to the Journal on a non-exclusive basis the right to publish the work, authors are free to post the final version of the manuscript accepted for publication, in an Open access repository i.e. an open archive, under the Creative Commons licence which they shall choose according to the Open science rules, as soon as they wish, including upon the publication of the work in Lexis – Journal in English Lexicology. The journal grants to authors the non-exclusive right to post the Version of Record of the work in an open archive (i.e. a sustainable platform giving free access to all without prior registration) upon publication of the work in Lexis – Journal in English Lexicology.

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