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Books to be reviewed

Lucile Bordet

In addition to its thematic issues, Lexis offers a “book-review” section.

People interested in writing a review are invited to send an email to in which they will mention the title of the book they wish to write a review on as well as their address. Reviewers will get the book for free in return. The review should be sent to the Head of publication within two months of the date of receipt of the book.

Lucile Bordet
In charge of book reviews


Adamson H. D., 2019, Linguistics and English Literature. An Introduction. Cambridge University Press. (Reviewer: Manuel Jobert)

Albrespit Jean, 2011, Construire l’énoncé en anglais : voix, négation, exclamation, interrogation, Presses Universitaires du Mirail. (Reviewer: Catherine Collin)

Audring Jenny, Masini Francesca, 2018, The Oxford Handbook of Morphological Theory, Oxford University Press.

Baerman Matthew, Brown Dunstan, Corbett Greville G., 2017, Morphological Complexity, Cambridge University Press.

Börjars Kersti, Nordlinger Rachel, Sadler Louisa, 2019, Lexical-Functional Grammar. An Introduction. Cambridge University Press.

Bouvet Pascal, 2021, La phonologie de l’anglais. Compétences et connaissances phonologiques à acquérir, Belin éducation. (Reviewer: Christophe Coupé)

Crystal David, 2019, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, Cambridge University Press. (Reviewer: Oscar Garcia Marchena)

Genetti Carol, 2019, How Languages work. An Introduction to Language and Linguistics. Cambridge University Press. (Reviewer: Craig Hamilton)

Glain Olivier, 2021, Variations et changements en langue anglaise, Presses Universitaires de Saint-Etienne. (Reviewer: Christophe Coupé)

Humbley John, 2018, La néologie terminologique, Lambert Lucas.

Jackendoff Ray, Audring Jenny, 2019, The Texture of the Lexicon. Relational Morphology ant the Parallel Architecture. Oxford University Press.

L’Homme Marie-Claude, 2020, Lexical Semantics for Terminology: An Introduction, John Benjamins.

Lange Claudia, Leuckert Sven, 2019, Corpus Linguistics for World Englishes: A Guide for Research, Taylor and Francis. (Online copy)

Matthews P.H., 2003, Linguistics. A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press. (Reviewer: José Ramirez de Arellano)

Mugglestone Lynda, 2011, Dictionaries. A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press.

Plag Ingo, 2018, Word-Formation in English 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press. (Reviewer: Cathy Parc)

Pustejovsky James, Batiukova Olga, 2019, The Lexicon, Cambridge University Press.

Pylkkänen Liina, 2008, Introducing Arguments, MIT Press.

Rodriguez-Puente Paula, 2019, The English Phrasal Verb, 1650-Present. History, Stylistic Drifts, and Lexicalisation, Cambridge University Press.

Sanchez-Stockhammer Christina, 2018, English Compounds and their Spelling, Cambridge University Press.

Schreier Daniel, Hundt Marianne, Schneider Edgar W., 2020, The Cambridge Handbook of World Englishes, Cambridge University Press.

Sorlin Sandrine, 2010, Inventive Linguistics, Presses Universitaires de la Méditerranée.

Stefanowitsch Anatol, Gries Stefan Th., 2007, Corpus-Based Approaches to Metaphor and Metonymy, Mouton de Gruyter. (Reviewer: Marie Reetz)

Szlamowicz Jean, 2021, Jazz Talk. Approche lexicologique, esthétique et culturelle du jazz, Presses Universitaires du Midi.

Taylor, John R., 2014, The Oxford Handbook of the Word, Oxford University Press.

Ten Hacken Pius, 2016, The Semantics of Compounding, Cambridge University Press. (Reviewer: Cathy Parc)

Thurlow Crispin, 2019, The Business of Words. Wordsmiths, Linguists, and Other Language Workers. Routledge.

Terminology, 2010, Vol. 16, N°1, John Benjamins.

Thomas, Erik R., 2019, Mexican American English. Substrate Influence and the Birth of an Ethnolect, Cambridge University Press.

Van Male Thora, 2010, Liaisons généreuses. L’apport du français à la langue anglaise, Arléa. (Reviewer: Noémie Castagné)

Vesque-Dufrénot A., 1999, Lexique de l’anglais pour le lycéen, Ellipses. (Reviewer: Marie-Pierre Escoubas)

Williams Jeffrey, Schneider Edgar, Trudgill Peter, Schreier Daniel, 2018, Further Studies in the Lesser-Known Varieties of English, Cambridge University Press.

Willoughby Louisa, Manns Howard, 2019, Australian English Reimagined: Structure, Features and Developments, Routledge. (Online copy)

Yule George, 2020, The Study of Language, Seventh Edition, Cambridge University Press.

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