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List of references

Ramón Marti Solano and Aleš Klégr

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1This is a small selection of references dealing mainly with English phraseology and paremiology for scholars wishing to delve into these linguistic fields. This selection is meant to be multidisciplinary in scope including, among others, corpus linguistics, cognitive linguistics, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition, language teaching and learning and lexicography. Likewise, different kinds of approaches to phraseology and paremiology are to be found: theoretical as well as applied, historical, synchronic and diachronic.

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Yearbook of phraseology,

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Electronic reference

Ramón Marti Solano and Aleš Klégr, List of referencesLexis [Online], 19 | 2022, Online since 26 March 2022, connection on 28 September 2023. URL:; DOI:

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About the authors

Ramón Marti Solano

Université de Limoges, France

By this author

Aleš Klégr

Charles University, Prague, Czechia

By this author

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