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Le souffle de la parenté

Mariage et transmission de la baraka chez les clercs musulmans
Jean Schmitz
p. 241-278


The breath of kinship: Marriage and Transmission of “baraka” among Muslim clerics. – The master-disciple relationship, which we might liken to “godparents” in Islam, breaks with, or even reverses, forms of dynastic succession, as we can see through the example of the Fulani Satigi dynasty in the Senegal Valley. In this region, Muslim clerics were taking power and moving their pluralistic communities from areas on the borders of existing states to the center of the Valley. In parallel, the identification made between marriage and master-disciple relations when choosing the Almaami favored the emergence of “circles of affinity” that stimulated Djihad in West Africa during the 19th century.

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Bibliographical reference

Jean Schmitz, « Le souffle de la parenté », L’Homme, 154-155 | 2000, 241-278.

Electronic reference

Jean Schmitz, « Le souffle de la parenté », L’Homme [Online], 154-155 | avril-septembre 2000, Online since 18 May 2007, connection on 27 May 2018. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/lhomme.33

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About the author

Jean Schmitz

Centre d’études africaines, ORSTOM-EHESS, Paris.

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