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De l’intestin aux testicules

Substances, humeurs et alliance tikar (Cameroun central)
Mathilde Annaud
p. 357-372


From the Intestines to the Testicles: Substances, Humors and Tikar Marriage Alliances (Central Cameroon). – The Tikar social organization is still not well-known. Descended from classically patrilineal societies, the founders of the ethnic group in Central Cameroon that now recognizes itself by the name Tikar merged with peoples having a matrilineal system. The present-day community has combined, in a complex way, agnatic logics for sociopolitical purposes and a cultural attachment to the maternal microgroup, which is deeply embedded in traditional symbolic conceptions.

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Bibliographical reference

Mathilde Annaud, « De l’intestin aux testicules », L’Homme, 154-155 | 2000, 357-372.

Electronic reference

Mathilde Annaud, « De l’intestin aux testicules », L’Homme [Online], 154-155 | avril-septembre 2000, Online since 18 May 2007, connection on 13 June 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Mathilde Annaud

EHESS, Paris.

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