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Usages de la science et science des usages

À propos des famille homoparentales
Éric Fassin
p. 391-408


Uses of Science and the Science of Usages : On Homoparental Families. – The political debate in France on the Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS) for uniting two persons of like or different sexes who want to organize their life together is leading us to take a new look at definitions of the family in relation to “homoparents”. A political argument is worked out against the experts who, in the name of a normative anthropology, claim to define the family by laying the difference between the sexes down as the family’s ahistorical foundation. An epistemological argument is used against a conception of science that supposes, for the sake of the diversity of families, a common denominator, a constant. On the basis of interpretations of Lévi-Strauss in English-speaking lands, the proposal is made to rethink the anthropology of kinship as a science of usages so as to better avoid the abuses of science.

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Bibliographical reference

Éric Fassin, « Usages de la science et science des usages », L’Homme, 154-155 | 2000, 391-408.

Electronic reference

Éric Fassin, « Usages de la science et science des usages », L’Homme [Online], 154-155 | avril-septembre 2000, Online since 04 May 2007, connection on 24 July 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Éric Fassin

École normale supérieure, Sciences sociales, Paris.

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