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Negative Ethics

Negative Strategies: An Afterword

Stratégies négatives : une postface
Marilyn Strathern
p. 189-204

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Four Organising Concepts
Focal Point
Another View of Divisory Practices
Return to the Social
The (Anglophone) Enigma of Social Division

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Between them, the collected articles of this special issue offer a challenging approach to an important arena of anthropological enquiry. Stimulated by recent debate in the anthropology of ethics, they question the way in which negative evaluations are often portrayed as though what actors experience as assaults on values, livelihoods and persons also render such events as somehow less than viable vectors of the social life that is ordinarily the anthropologist’s subject matter. While the objection has been made on many occasions, this collection’s direct address to “the negative” crystallises the conundrum as an object of interest in its own terms. In this, the contributors are well served by Olivia Howland and Tom Powell Davies’ focus on ethical action. The backbone of their project, what holds these articles together, is no less than a re-investigation of anthropological renderings of moral and immoral action in the context of the ethical stances informing people’s relations with...

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Marilyn Strathern, « Negative Strategies: An Afterword »L’Homme, 243-244 | 2022, 189-204.

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Marilyn Strathern, « Negative Strategies: An Afterword »L’Homme [En ligne], 243-244 | 2022, mis en ligne le 25 décembre 2022, consulté le 03 février 2023. URL : ; DOI :

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Marilyn Strathern

University of Cambridge – Girton College, Cambridge (United Kingdom) – ms10026[at]

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