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Opérations de prédication et de détermination

Jean-Pierre Desclés
p. 61-98


Starting with Categorial Grammars, the author presents applicative formalism, where the basic operation is the application of an operator to an operand, using Church’s functional types to explain the different operations in natural languages : predication, determination, transposition operations (type raising). The general notion of operator is to be distinguished from more particular operators characterized by specific functional types : predicates, determination and transposition operators… A predicate is used to construct a proposition (or a predicative relation) from arguments. A determination operator is used to bring more specific information to a term or a predicate or a sentence. The functional types are tools to name the different operators. When a sentence is broken down into a (logical) Predicate and a (logical) Subject, the copule “be” is analyzed as a binary operator that builds a Predicate from determinants, (adjectives, for example)… Some linguists (Harris, Shaumyan, Le Guern, Culioli, Pottier…) have worked explicitly with operators. This article is a conceptual analysis of some operators used in linguistics and logics to highlight the notion of predication. According to the author, it is necessary to articulate linguistics, logics and cognition to study in depth the nature of Language which expresses cognitive representations and reasoning schemata by means of semiotic configurations.

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Bibliographical reference

Jean-Pierre Desclés, « Opérations de prédication et de détermination », Lidil, 37 | 2008, 61-98.

Electronic reference

Jean-Pierre Desclés, « Opérations de prédication et de détermination », Lidil [Online], 37 | 2008, Online since 01 September 2009, connection on 13 April 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Jean-Pierre Desclés

LaLIC, Paris-Sorbonne

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