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Entre événements et actions

Les schèmes composés de constructions syntaxiques du dictionnaire Les verbes Français
de J. Dubois & F. Dubois-Charlier
Jacques François
p. 175-190


In the dictionary Les Verbes français (1997), J. Dubois & F. Dubois-Charlier set out a classification of 12310 French verbs amounting to more than 25.000 lexical entries on a distributional and transformational basis, but with a semantic ouput. This article aims at identifying the criteria positing a type P(ronominal) ? T(ransitive) of composed syntactic schemes beside the classical converse type T ? P as expounded by L. Tesnière in his theory of verb diatheses. The distinction between factitive and non factitive transitivity yields a partial justification of the P ? T type, but some of its subtypes remain questionable.

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Bibliographical reference

Jacques François, « Entre événements et actions », Lidil, 37 | 2008, 175-190.

Electronic reference

Jacques François, « Entre événements et actions », Lidil [Online], 37 | 2008, Online since 01 September 2009, connection on 13 April 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Jacques François

Université de Caen, Crisco (Fre 2805, Cnrs)

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