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Écrivains R à Z
  • Gary D. Rafferty
    Photograph credit: Christine Greenspan (2013)

    Sp/4 Gary D. Rafferty. U.S. Army.

    Army service: 13 July ʼ69 to 10 April ʼ71.

    Vietnam service: 6 May ʼ70 to 10 April ʼ71.

    A Battery, 2nd Battalion, 94th Artillery.

    Area of Operation: Northern I Corps, along the DMZ and West to the Vietnam/Laos border. Participated in Operation Dewey Canyon II - Lam Son 719, (Laos Incursion) the last major ground offensive of the Vietnam War involving American troops.

    He spent 20 years on a city fire department, retired as a lieutenant in 1993. Divorced, father of two sons. He lives in Hudson, New Hampshire. An avid deer hunter, he spends the fall in the woods, where he belongs.

    • Gary D. Rafferty
      Recovery? [Texte intégral]
      18 juin 2020
  • Doug Rawlings
    Photograph credit: Doug Rawlings

    Doug Rawlings was drafted into the army out of graduate school in 1969; ended up with the 7/15th artillery on a small firebase in the Central Highlands from July, 1969 to August, 1970. He is a former Veterans For Peace Board member and founding member of Veterans For Peace (1985).

  • Dale E. Ritterbusch
    Photograph credit: Dale E. Ritterbusch

    Dale E. Ritterbusch is the author of Lessons Learned: Poetry of the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath and Far From the Temple of Heaven.  He was twice selected to be the Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Department of English & Fine Arts at the United States Air Force Academy.  His creative work is currently being archived in the Department of Special Collections at La Salle University. During the Vietnam War, he served in the Army as an enlisted man and as an officer in the Chemical Corps. He has written extensively on the cultural and personal determinants of war.

  • Bill Wunder
    Photograph credit: Shirley Wood

    Bill Wunder is a poet, editor and the author of three volumes of poetry: Pointing at the Moon, Hands Turning the Earth, both published by WordTech Editions and Kingdom of Heaven by Aldrich Press. He is a past Poet Laureate of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and a two-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize. His poems have appeared in The Manhattan Review, Paterson Literary Review, Comstock Review, Blueline, Innisfree Poetry Journal, Philadelphia Poets, Mad Poets Review and many others. Bill is a Vietnam veteran and lives with his wife and three Labrador retrievers in the wilds of Bucks County, Pa.

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