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Contributeurs K à Z
  • Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec
    © Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec

    Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec teaches English at Université Caen Normandie. She is a researcher with LARCA UMR 8225 at University of Paris.

  • Gregg Kleiner et Aurore Caignet

    Gregg Kleiner and Aurore Caignet
    © Gregg Kleiner

    At age 16, Gregg Kleiner spent a year in the mountains of northern Thailand as an AFS exchange student. For a month of that year, he lived at a Buddhist monastery as a novice under the tutelage of an aged monk. He has worked as a dairy goat farmer, hotel concierge in Switzerland, freelance journalist, wildlife biologist, technical writer, visiting professor, and communications director. Following extended travel and stints living in Asia and Europe, he now resides a short walk from the confluence of the Willamette and Marys rivers in western Oregon in the United States. The seeds for his literary novel "Where River Turns to Sky" (HarperCollins) were planted during his time in Thailand, where elders are respected and revered for simply having lived so long. His two children, and his concern about the climate crisis, inspired him to write his first book for kids (and their adults!), which asks, what might happen if we could see CO2 in the atmosphere. "Please Don't Paint Our Planet Pink! A Story About Climate Change for Kids and their Adults" uses watercolor illustrations by Laurel Thompson, some humor, and a dash of climate science to inspire young and older minds alike to start seeing pink all around us, and then taking bold climate action.

    © Aurore Caignet

    Aurore Caignet was awarded a PhD in British civilization in 2018 and she now teaches in the Applied Foreign Languages Department at the University of Rennes 2. Her thesis is entitled Representing, Reinterpreting and Reimagining Industrial Heritage: the Promotion of Renewal in Post-Industrial Cities in the North of England (1970-2010). It was supervised by Renée Dickason (Rennes 2, France) and Tim Edensor (Manchester Metropolitan University, England). Her research focuses on the representation and conversion of industrial vestiges, as well as on the regeneration of British post-industrial cities and the reshaping of their image.

  • Marc Levy
    © Marc Levy

    Marc Levy was a medic with Delta 1/7 First Cavalry in Vietnam and Cambodia, ’69- ’70. He was decorated three times and court-martialed twice. His writing has appeared in various publications, including New Millennium Writings, Cutthroat, War, Literature and the Arts, Chiron Review, KGB Bar Lit Mag, Stone Canoe and elsewhere. It is forthcoming in Paterson Literary Review and Close to the Bone. His essay The Quiet Time won the 2016 Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families Writing Prize. Two of his war photos will appear in the forthcoming Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. He recently published How Stevie Nearly Lost the War and Other Postwar Stories; Dreams, Vietnam; and Other Dreams.
    His website is Medic in the Green Time.

  • Adriana Martins
    © Adriana Martins

    Adriana Martins holds a PhD in Comparative Literature and is Assistant Professor with Habilitation in Culture Studies at the Faculty of Human Sciences at Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Lisbon, where she is also the coordinator for the scientific area of Culture Studies and a senior member of the University's Research Centre for Communication and Culture (CECC). She teaches Metaculture, Culture and Globalization, Portuguese Culture and Society, and Portuguese Film. Her latest book is Mediations of Disruption in Post-Conflict Cinema (co-edited with Alexandra Lopes and Mónica Dias, Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2016). Her main research interests are Culture Studies, Globalization Studies, Film Studies, Comparative Literature, and Intercultural Communication.

  • Brendan Prendiville
    © Brendan Prendiville

    Brendan Prendiville is a Senior Lecturer in British Area Studies at the English Department of the University of Rennes 2 (France), since 2009. Previous to that, he had lectured at the University of Poitiers in the same capacity from 1995-2009. His research focus is on contemporary Britain (political system, society, history) &, more particularly, on the sociology of the environment (environmental-ecologist movement, political culture, values, ideology, strategy).

  • Elizabeth Rechniewski
    © Elizabeth Rechniewski

    Dr Elizabeth Rechniewski is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney in the School of Languages and Cultures. She has a long-standing research interest in the political uses of the national past and has published widely on remembrance of twentieth century war in Australia, France and New Caledonia, including on the commemoration of the role of Indigenous soldiers in these countries. She has collaborated extensively with French researchers, notably with Professor Matthew Graves (Aix-Marseille University) on forms of war commemoration in France and Australia. She was commissioned (with Judith Keene) by Olivier Wieviorka to write the official report for the French Ministry of Defence on war commemoration in Australia (Wieviorka 2009). Over the last ten years she has published articles on the impact of Cold War ideology on decolonisation in French Cameroon, Algeria and Madagascar, and the development of the French School of counter-insurgency warfare in the course of these conflicts. Her current projects include research into the tensions between France and Australia over control of the South Pacific in the late nineteenth-early twentieth century and on the early period of the Anglo-French condominium in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu). She was awarded the title of Chevalier des palmes académiques by the French government in 2009, and the Ordre national du mérite in 2010.

  • Raphaël Ricaud
    © Raphaël Ricaud

    Depuis 2016, Raphaël Ricaud est Maître de Conférences à l'Université Paul-Valéry - Montpellier 3, où il enseigne l'histoire et la civilisation des États-Unis. Ses travaux de recherche portent sur la public diplomacy des Etats-Unis, ainsi que sur diverses formes de propagandes. Il appartient au groupe de recherche EMMA (EA 741).
    En 2018, il a co-dirigé le numéro 2 du volume XVI de la revue en ligne LISA, avec Pierre Guerlain, consacré à Comprendre le phénomène Trump, au-delà du chaos.
    En 2020, il fut exchange professor à l’University of Iowa. Parmi les cours enseignés, on notera : “My Fellow Americans: Presidential Rhetoric in US Culture from FDR to Trump” et “Exporting the American Way: The Weaponization of US Culture during the Cold War”.

    • Raphaël Ricaud
      Dr. Mukwege [Texte intégral]
      29 juin 2020
  • Nathalie Sierra-Scroccaro
    © Nathalie Sierra-Scroccaro

    Nathalie Sierra-Scroccaro est psychologue clinicienne et docteure en psychologie. Elle travaille depuis une dizaine d’années auprès de personnes en situations de vulnérabilité psycho-sociale. Auparavant, elle fut co-fondatrice d’une consultation d’accès aux soins psychiques pour les migrants dans un hôpital en banlieue parisienne, elle anime actuellement des consultations pour des femmes victimes de tortures et de mutilations génitales (Laval), ainsi qu’un cabinet psychothérapeutique (Rennes). Ses travaux de recherches, tout comme sa pratique de la peinture, s’intéressent aux genres et à la migration.

    • Nathalie Sierra-Scroccaro
      Féminité [Texte intégral]
      25 juin 2020
  • Stephen J. Whitfield
    © Stephen J. Whitfield

    Stephen J. Whitfield is emeritus professor of American Studies at Brandeis University (Boston, USA), where he taught from 1972 until 2016.  He also twice served as a visiting professor at the University of Paris IV (La Sorbonne).

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