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Catharine Savage Brosman

Catharine Savage Brosman was born in Colorado; she spent her girlhood there and in Trans-Pecos (West) Texas. She studied at Rice University (Houston, Texas) and in France (Paris and Grenoble). After taking her Ph.D. in French, she taught briefly in Florida and Virginia, then moved to Tulane (New Orleans), where she became a chaired professor of French and is now professor emerita. She was visiting research professor at Sheffield (England) for a term and remains Honorary Research Professor at that institution. She has published numerous articles and written or edited some eighteen volumes dealing with French literature, chiefly the novel, and notably the works of Gide, Martin du Gard, Sartre, Camus, and Jules Roy; among her principal volumes is Visions of War in France: Fiction, Art, Ideology (1999). Her creative poetry and prose have appeared widely in anthologies and magazines in the United States such as the Sewanee Review, the Southern Review, the Los Angeles Times Book Review, the New England Review, Shenandoah, and the Southwest Review; her verse has also been published in England (by Critical Quarterly) and in France (Europe, June 2005 and April 2007; Nouvelle Revue Française, January 2007; Le Cerf-Volant, June 2007)). Her two volumes of informal essays are The Shimmering Maya and Other Essays (Louisiana State University Press, 1994) and Finding Higher Ground: A Life of Travels (University of Nevada Press, 2003). In addition to chapbooks, six collections of her poems have appeared, with a seventh in print: Watering (University of Georgia Press, 1972) and, all at Louisiana State University Press, Journeying from Canyon de Chelly (1990), Passages (1996), Places in Mind (2000), The Muscled Truce (2003), Range of Light (2007) and Under the Pergola (in press). Her stories, which often concern New Orleans, have appeared in various magazines, notably Louisiana Literature. Her books have been reviewed widely, in some of the magazines mentioned above and in the New York Times Book Review.

  • Poems

    • Catharine Savage Brosman
      Petroglyphs [Full text]
      Peintures rupestres
      01 January 2007
    • Catharine Savage Brosman
      Grapefruit [Full text]
      01 January 2007
  • Short stories

    • Catharine Savage Brosman
      Cubist angles [Full text]
      01 January 2008
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