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Mary Kennan Herbert

Side bar

(a list of some things I almost forgot to tell you)
Mary Kennan Herbert

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20th century, XXe siècle

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États-Unis, literature, littérature, United States
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1Whitman and Ginsberg are so good at this.
All the things that should be discussed you will definitely find here.
Dogs playing poker. Homeric waves crashing upon the beach.
A man killed his wife because she burnt his bacon.
Bring home the bacon! Bring home the Bible!
Give me your icons, your little silver crosses, your homey symbols.
Cymbals clang. The choir and the orchestra insist we pay attention.
Oh, I forgot to mention,
a mobile home was flicked upside down by a tornado.
There it is, belly up.
And now the Deity’s trombones. A solo reminds us of the theology of meteorology.
But wait! The satellite dish is okay. It survived.
Round. A circle. Perfect. Yang and Ying.
Zinnias are still in bloom, late September.
From A to Z, we are still in a hurry.
I read all articles about cartoonists. They are more illuminating than theologians.
More fun than a Trojan Horse pawing the air,
or even a cat in a raincoat.
A huge, dead fish lay on the beach of Lake Ontario.
Empathy. It was lying belly up, beaten by the outrage of a storm.
Our train tonight broke down near Berlin, Connecticut.
I don’t mind these fishy distractions and delays.
These keep flood waters of the River Styx
at bay. At least one day away.
Two engines were on duty; one sent alarums to the engineer: I hurt.
Sitting on a pokey train teaches you to slow down. Yes? Yes?
A fading city slides by the window.
Toora loora loora, I see Barry Fitzgerald and Bing again. In my fantasies.
It’s been two summers since I found the dead crow in our Brooklyn back yard–
a desiccated harbinger of bad news.
Yet today I saw a yellowthroat flitting about in the ivy,
a small messenger of joy, on his way south.
Traveling is a good thing. Prayers are cool too.
Include a brief stop at the little shrine by the road. Almost covered by bindweed.
Confess, confess. Doesn’t religion give you a high?

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Mary Kennan Herbert

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