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David Middleton

Knitting Lesson I

— ca. 1854 —
David Middleton

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20th century, XXe siècle

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États-Unis, literature, littérature, United States
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1Through windowpanes the filtered winter light
Passing over a basket’s rumpled yarn
Covers a mother’s radiant bent face
Whose cheek and chin rest on her daughter’s head.

2The young girl holds in small soft awkward hands
Long knitting needles glinting in the threads
Looped round a knuckle, woven, then pulled tight,
Part of a garment shadowed in her lap.

3With palms grown rough in mastering her craft
The mother, from behind, now clasps and guides
Her daughter’s pale pink fingers through their task,
Both bracing and embracing as the dusk

4Gathers the light from bonnet, coat, and skirt
That muffle intensest women who themselves
Pull wool from sheep to card, then spin and knit
Into the well-made garments of their lives.

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David Middleton

Thibodaux, LA, USA

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