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David Middleton

Madame J.-F. Millet (Pauline-Virginie Ono, 1821-44)

— 1841 —
David Middleton

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20th century, XXe siècle

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États-Unis, literature, littérature, United States
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1He painted her for nothing but her love,
A Cherbourg tailor’s daughter without means    
For such a tender rendering as this:
Desirous, tense, yet teasingly serene,

2Those earth-brown irises, that slightest smile,
Hair clipped, severe, in a tied ribboned cap,
The look of expectation, quiet surprise
Directed at this man her brother knew

3Who stroked her there with his dark oils and eyes
Until she came alive on canvas threads
That held her as he held her when they wed.
And though she soon would pass beyond recall

4Like those two fruitless, brief Parisian years,
Millet remembered, kept until his death
This image both relinquished and possessed,
And Catherine saw them kiss through widow’s tears.

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David Middleton

Thibodaux, LA, USA

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