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David Middleton

Woman Sewing Beside Her Sleepy Child

— ca. 1858-62 —
David Middleton

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20th century, XXe siècle

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États-Unis, literature, littérature, United States
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1An inner twilight deepens in the room:
The smoky oil lamp pegged high on its stand,
A child tucked-in beneath the blanketing beams,
The shadowed mother mending in her chair.

2She pulls a woolen thread to close a seam
In the work shirt of a father still afield
Plowing his darkened rows until the stars
Gleam twinkling from the yielding fertile earth.

3Behind the smoke that clusters into curls
A bed whose drapes recall a garden wall
Awaits her strong young husband and the night,
Her warm wet furrow eager for his seed.

4The child will never waken from the bed,
The mother never finish like Millet
Who made of color-threads this scene he dreamed  
Between the twilight times of dusk and dawn.

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David Middleton

Thibodaux, LA, USA

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