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vol. XII-n° 4 | 2014
Au delà de l’horizon : ré-imaginer l’Irlande ?

Beyond the Horizon: Re-imagining Ireland?
Couverture Lisa XII-4
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Credits: Picture reproduced by kind permission of Michael and Rory Johnston (© Michael and Rory Johnston)

Surveying the horizon, contemplating a barely perceptible skyline that fades away as one comes closer to it in an effort to anticipate what may emerge over and beyond: imagination and creativity are called for whenever one hopes to shake up the humdrum of life, anticipate the future and project oneself further. As a response to an invitation from the SAES (Société des Anglicistes de l’Enseignement Supérieur) to examine anew research questions specific to the broad field of English studies in France (Lille 2010 Symposium) in the light of the theme of the horizon, the contributors to this volume call into question some of the now traditional — if not trite — opinions held in Irish Studies. The paradox of a never-ending progression towards an unreachable limit which nevertheless remains in view is obviously an experience shared by each and everyone; and it is precisely the multiple facets of this experience that the collection of papers in the present volume, Beyond the horizon: Re-imagining Ireland? brings to light. Taken together, the various articles focus on diverse aspects of literature, history, social sciences and the arts, trying to invent a critical idiom with a view to opening new prospects in the field of Irish Studies.

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