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En hommage amical à René Gallet.

Die Heimkunft

Ruhig glänzen indes die silberen Höhen darüber,
Voll mit Rosen ist schon droben der leuchtende Schnee.
- Hölderlin

1And then one day the young master returns
from a dark place
and birdsong leads the wanderer in
and the cat yawns and curls again
in the headiness of this instant
the house is fragrant
with woodsmoke and honeysuckle

which is a kind of accomplishment.

Returning from dogma
home to the humane
he lays aside
knapsack, alpenstock and hat,
goes straight to the piano
sits bolt upright and picks out
1 2 3 of the Wohltemperirte.

The Bildungsroman, his own,
is unopened on the table,
but let it be, let
the elevation last – for it must fall –
a moment longer.

The blue dome is tense, the gods are close.

Everything is possible.

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Stephen Romer, « Die Heimkunft », Revue LISA/LISA e-journal, Vol. VII – n°3 | 2009, 27-28.

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Stephen Romer, « Die Heimkunft », Revue LISA/LISA e-journal [En ligne], Vol. VII – n°3 | 2009, mis en ligne le 19 mai 2009, consulté le 27 septembre 2020. URL : ; DOI :

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Stephen Romer

(Tours, France)
Dr. Stephen Romer teaches at the Université François Rabelais, Tours. He has been Visiting Fellow at Sidney Sussex, Cambridge and Visiting Professor in French at Colgate University (NY). He has translated widely from modern French poetry, and his anthology 20th Century French Poems was published by Faber in 2002. A second anthology, Into the Deep Street: 7 Modern French Poets (co-edited with Jennie Feldman) is due this year from Anvil. He has published four collections of original poetry, the latest of which, Yellow Studio (Carcanet/Oxford) was shortlisted for the T. S. Eliot Prize (2008).

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