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vol. XIII-n°1 | 2015
Les mots étrangers

The Words of Others
Edited by Emily Eells

This issue of the Revue Lisa focuses on the use of foreign words and phrases in a variety of literary texts and civilisation documents in English from the period spanning the 18th century to the present. The articles presented here study how the intrusion of a foreign language in a text authored in English puts into play complex tensions of familiarity and otherness. That friction between languages also raises questions of identity related to gender and nationality, and the sense of belonging to a defined socio-religious community. The aim of these studies is to show how the interaction between English and other languages enriches literary creation and helps construct the historical, geographical and social framework of a particular culture. It addresses the issue of the foreigner using a language which is not his own, and that of the foreignness of the words of others which are woven into a text in another language.

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