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Intellectual Property, Copyright & Plagiarism

Opinions and facts stated in articles published in Revue LISA/LISA e-journal express solely the opinions of their respective authors. The authors of each article are solely and fully responsible for the content thereof.

Authors pledge not to submit for publication any form of plagiarised work and the editors of Revue LISA/LISA e-journal cannot be held liable for any copyright infringement committed by the authors.

Should there be any doubt regarding authorship or copyright, anti-plagiarism software (e.g., is, for example, available for authors to use prior to submission.

Authors are required to seek permission to use copyrighted material (e.g. illustrations, quotations, etc.) in their articles. It is their responsibility to pay off royalty fees to copyright holders where applicable, and to clearly indicate the quotations or extracts from other works mentioned in their articles in order for the extracts concerned not to be assimilated to “copy and paste” or any other forms of plagiarism.

Authors are also encouraged to consult relevant French legislation pertaining to intellectual property.

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