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Ethics charter

LLA aims at disseminating knowledge of African linguistics, without any geographical or thematic restrictions.

Protecting intellectual property

LLA publishes under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC BY-SA) license. By accepting to publish in LLA, the author transfers to the journal the right to exploit or reproduce their contribution in digital form. Yet they are free to disseminate their work thus published in other media, without LLA’s prior approval.

Submitted contributions shall contain original text and copyright-free illustrations. In case of reproducing already published observations or data, borrowings from earlier works or works by other authors shall be duly cited and/or explicitly approved by the owner of the used elements.

Submissions shall be free of any plagiarism or counterfeiting (text passages copied from the work of other authors or illustrations –photographs, figures, sketches, maps, images– copied without providing the exact reference and source, and/or without the consent of the author of the borrowed item). The author ensures that illustrations included in their submissions are original or reproduced with the approval of its authors, right holders, or editors. The source of each illustration shall be mentioned in its caption.

The author receives no compensation and LLA charges no submission or publication fees.

Commitment of the journal

LLA undertakes to:

(i) Have each anonymised submission assessed by at least three peer reviewers who are experts of renown in the submission’s field, two of which shall be external to LLA, the third being a member of the editorial board (varia) or the guest editor (articles of a special issue). A synthesis of the peer-reviewing reports shall be sent to the author. If the submitted article is accepted for publication, the author shall take the peer-reviewers’ comments into account and submit a second revised draft, to be reviewed by the editorial board and/or the same reviewers.

(ii) Display the full list of editorial board and scientific advisory board members and their affiliations; ensure that they are recognised experts in the fields covered by LLA.

(iii) Display full information on copyright transfer conditions and on CC BY-SA license.

(iv) Take reasonable care to identify and prevent the publication of submissions with errors, plagiarisms, falsified or inexistent quotes or data. If LLA is informed about such an allegation, the journal shall work towards settling this issue according to the COPE guidelines or according to guidelines issued by any equivalent body.

(v) Ensure not to mislead readers about its identity by adopting the unique name: Linguistique et Langues Africaines.

(vi) Clearly state the periodicity of its publication.

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