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15 | 2018
Régimes de la propriété, entre l'ancien et le nouveau

Sous la direction de Rafe Blaufarb et Anna Callaway

The idea of this special issue is to broaden our thinking about property in the revolutionary era by drawing together a variety of approaches. When property is reorganised, its effects are felt in many arenas. Property connects the ideal and the physical, and in doing so it is a centre where we find layered law and institutions, social relationships, as well as economic and political ones. Changing the legal status of property leads to new interpersonal relations at the local level; at the same time, circuits of economic exchange in a city or region inflect the politics of property and may bear on its legal aspects. This issue will thus also examine these points of nexus and consider the organising role of property, which knits together ideals, practices, and tradition in unexpected ways. What is the role of property in creating a regime that is different from what came before, but also not exactly what was envisioned by the lawmakers and intellectuals who sought to bend property to their vision?

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