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Lusotopie is a comparatist international journal devoted to the analysis of politics in the broad sense (building and reform of the state, nationalism, elections, ethnicity, neoliberalism, gender relations, racialization of social life, international conflicts and civil wars, media, civil society, cultures, religions, migrations, etc.) within the contemporary spaces stemming from Portuguese history and colonization. Lusotopie addresses these topics within the Portuguese heterogeneous post-colonial space, on four continents, and populated by mobile communities and numerous Diasporas. Since 1994, Lusotopie has published a wide range of contributions from researchers of over 30 different nationalities and has brought up an egalitarian dialogue space thanks to use of three international languages (French, Portuguese and English).

Latest issue
XVI(2) | 2009
Afrobrésiliennité ? Luso-afrobrésiliennité ?

Afro-brasilianidade? Luso-afro-brasilianidade?
Afro-brazilianity? Luso-afro-brazilianity?
Lusotopie XVI-2 couverture
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Credits : Agência Brasil
Editor's notes

Ont participé à l’élaboration de ce volume : Michel Cahen, Brigitte Lachartre, Émilie Lavie, Eduardo Britto Santos, Dominique Vidal, Elizabeth Vignati, Jacqueline Vivès, Fabienne Wateau.

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