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53 | 2015
Dictionnaire kakabé-français

Kakabé-French dictionary
Какабе-французский словарь

The Kakabé-French dictionary includes data from all major dialects of an endangered Mande language (Mokole < Western Mande < Mande) spoken in the Middle Guinea (Fouta-Djallon). Information on tones, morphology, valencies, polysemy is provided, numerous idiomatic expressions and illustrative examples are included into the entries. All the data were collected during field trips carried out by the author in 2007-2014.

Editor's note: Mandekan readers are kindly requested to consider this work as a unique article.

Paper reference

Alexandra Vydrina, "Dictionnaire kakabé-français", Mandenkan, 53 | 2015, [pages quoted].


Alexandra Vydrina, "Dictionnaire kakabé-français", Mandenkan [On-line], 53 | 2015, published on 1st June 2015, viewed on [date of viewing]. URL:; DOI: [DOI of the article section from where comes the quotation].

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