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Notice to contributors

All manuscripts are considered by the editorial office of the journal that takes a decision on their publication. The manuscripts should be sent by e-mail to the editor:, as attached files, in the format IBM PC-Word (DOCX, DOC or RTF). As the basic font, TimesNewRoman is recommended, and the font Doulos SIL is recommended for non-standard characters. If a non-Unicode font is used, it should be attached.

The stylesheet of Mandenkan is based on the Generic Style Rules for Linguistics:

The manuscripts should be presented in A4 format, with a font size of 14 points (minimum 13 points for charts), line spacing set to “exactly 19”, and margins 2 cm each side. The first line of each paragraph (except for glossed examples) should be indented by 0.8 cm. Glossed phrases are to be represented as tables (with invisible lines).

Glosses should be made according to the Leipzig glossing rules:

For Bamana, please use the standard list of glosses:

An abbreviation list should be given at the end of an article in a table form. Footnotes are to be used for comments.

References are given in the text in the following format: name of the author/the editor, year of publication, the page numbers, e.g.: (Creissels1982 : 82-85 ; Prost 1969 : 15). A full list of references must be given at the end of the article (following the Generic Style Rules for Linguistics).

An article should be accompanied by an abstract of at least 150 words and 8 keywords, as well as the list of the languages dealt with in the paper.

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