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Mandenkan is a scholarly journal specialized in Mande language studies. It was created in 1981 and appears biannually. The publication of Mandenkan is financed by LLACAN and INALCO.

The chief editor of Mandenkan is Valentin Vydrin.

Mandenkan publishes papers in French and in English covering every field of Mande linguistics: language history and comparative studies, typology, and description. Original language data, especially for poorly described languages, are accepted. Papers should be sent to the editor in electronic form in both DOC/RTF and PDF formats. Authors are requested to strictly follow the guidelines specified in the journal’s stylesheet.

Mandenkan is a peer-reviewed and internationally oriented journal. In conformance with RMCA editorial policy, contributions are submitted to two anonymous peer-reviewers.

Latest issue
69 | 2023
Numéro 69

  • Denis Creissels
    Propositions directives et optatives dans les langues manding
    Дени Кресель. Директивные и оптативные предложения в языках манден
  • Alexandra Vydrina
    La focalisation morphologique et ses caractéristiques d’accord
    Александра Валентиновна Выдрина. Морфологический фокус и его согласовательные признаки
  • Maria Khachaturyan
    Information structure and non-verbal predication in Mano
    De la copule vers le focus, ou le vice-versa, ou ni l’un ni l’autre ? La structure informationnelle et la prédication non-verbale en mano
    Мария Леонидовна Хачатурьян. Показатель фокуса из копулы? Наоборт? Ни то, ни другое? Информационная структура и неглагольная предикация в мано
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