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41-1 | 2011
La España del Frente Popular

L’Espagne du Front populaire
Spain under the Popular Front
Edited by Ángel Bahamonde Magro and Eduardo González Calleja
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17 x 24
ISBN 978-8496820678

This collection takes the 75th anniversary of the electoral victory of the Popular Front as an opportunity to review some key aspects of the decisive social, political and governmental crisis that shook Spain in the spring of 1936. It examines the use and abuse of the concept, from its inception as a unifying formula to its metamorphosis into a rhetorical weapon during the war; the manifestations of political violence in quantitative terms and the related discourse within the ranks of the Army; the changing face of social and labour conflict in town and country; the evolution of the unitary strategies pursued by workers’ organisations from the point of view of the libertarian movement up to 1937; and the view that the French Communist Party developed of the formation and crisis of this experiment in antifascist convergence. This collection of papers offers a multifocal perspective providing a survey of the current thinking on this unique period of history.

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