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41-2 | 2011
Le droit hispanique latin du vie au xiie siècle

El derecho hispánico latino de los siglos vi al xii
Latin Hispanic Law in the 6th to 12th Centuries
Le droit hispanique latin du vie au xiie siècle
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320 p.
ISBN 978-84-96820-73-9

The Latin documentation preserved in the Iberian Peninsula appears to reflect a profound break between the seventh century, characterised by the prevalence of law, a continuation of Antiquity, and the entirely mediaeval tenth century, ruled by custom. While the Visigothic age bequeathed numerous legal statutes, the Christian kingdoms of the north were long bereft of any legislation, be it secular or ecclesiastic. Nonetheless, historians are at risk of misinterpreting what is undeniably a distortion—all the more tempting in light of the break that took place in 711—and accepting the vision of an ancient world governed by positive law in opposition to a mediaeval world alien to the rule of law. This dossier returns to sources of widely-varying natures, approaching the law as a living, manifold entity, aever at the heart of society’s vital interests.

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