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42-1 | 2012
Tres momentos de cambio en la creación literaria del Siglo de Oro

Trois tournants de la création littéraire du Siècle d’or
Three moments of change in Golden Age literary creation

In proposing a new historical approach to the period in Spanish literature embracing the final decades of the 16th and the early decades of the 17th centuries, we postulate that an event occurs in literature when we can pinpoint an occurrence which is perceived as critical of the present and constitutes the foundation or beginnings of what is yet to come.

This dossier is intended as a methodological test of that idea. It focuses on three moments of change. The first concerns epic poetry, where we pinpoint a favourable juncture for its eclosion in the second third of the 16th century. The second is the reception of Góngora’s work, at once treated as a model and reviled, from the publication of Soledades to the Lecciones solemnes by Pellicer (1630). The third moment, around 1630, is the production of tragedies which incorporate the idea of the genre handed down from Antiquity but which nonetheless are not too off-putting for comedy-loving audiences.

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