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43-2 | 2013
Géneros híbridos y libros mixtos en el Siglo de Oro

Genres hybrides et livres mixtes au Siècle d’or
Hybrid genres and mixed books in the Golden Age

This dossier looks at some works that today are viewed as falling somewhere between two forms of artistic expression such as prose and verse, or between two disciplines such as history and literature, or again between literature, philosophy and politics. In the Golden Age the various assaults on the classic genres—epic, lyric, dramatic— may have been a product of the creativity of great writers and the argumentative spirit in which they received certain innovations. But it is also possible that the generality of printers—which today we call the publishing industry—anticipated the profits to be derived from mixing poetry and image, or writing and engraving, to offer a hybrid product, more attractive o readers; or of putting out gossip sheets,such as political libels, which were not among the standard genres. The seven articles in this monograph analyse these phenomena in the light of some mixed works; in counterpoint it offers a new hypothesis regarding the genre (or genres) and the intent behind Baltasar Criticón.

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