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45-2 | 2015
La sociedad cortesana en la Península Ibérica (siglos xiv-xv)

Fuentes para su estudio
La société de cour dans la péninsule Ibérique (xive-xve siècle) : étude des sources
Royal court society in the Iberian Peninsula (14th-15th centuries): documentary sources
Edited by Alexandra Beauchamp and María Narbona Cárceles
MCV 45-2 Couverture
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ISBN 978-84-909602-19

The abundant recent research devoted to late mediaeval Iberian courts has drawn attention to a wide variety of thematic and methodological approaches to the study of courts which are very much determined by the heterogeneity of the existing sources for each different geographical area. The purpose of this dossier is then to examine the subject in greater depth and to propose discussions and case studies on documentary sources for the history of the courts of the Iberian Christian kingdoms—including the island and Italian possessions of the Crown of Aragon—at the close of the Middle Ages. The studies collected here look in depth at the sources generated in the context of the courts, at the producers of this documentary output and at the consequences of their generation and conservation.

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