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46-1 | 2016
La construcción de la hacienda hispánica en el largo siglo xviii

La construction des finances hispaniques durant le long xviiie siècle
The construction of the Spanish exchequer over a long 18th century

Is there an original Spanish exchequer? This group work seeks to answer that ques-tion through a dual comparison, between various possessions of the Spanish monarchy, and between these and France. The issues decided through the exchequer are political: the authors examine the exchequer as the scene of social practices and political negotiation among manifold actors. A variety of examples are considered, from tax collection on credit to tax negotiation, mining concessions and government activity. This monographic edition looks broadly at the 18th century, a period which has seen major historiographical revisions in the last decade. For a better understanding of what remained of the Spanish model following the disruptions wrought by revolu-tion, the study looks beyond to Spain and the Americas in the 19th century.

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