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46-2 | 2016
Modelos heroicos decimonónicos

Una mirada desde Yucatán, Costa Rica, Chile y Colombia
Modèles héroïques du xixe siècle : une mise en perspective depuis le Yucatan, le Costa Rica, le Chili et la Colombie
Heroic models of the 19th century: a view from Yucatan, Costa Rica, Chile and Colombia

Among the legacies of the 19th century is the successful manufacture of national heroes. Who were they? Can these heroes be categorised? Historians tend to treat the process of 19th-century Latin American hero invention en bloc, but in fact there are different models of national heroism. It is that diversity in the hero-creation process that this article seeks to highlight, by examining four unlike Latin American cases—Yucatan, Costa Rica, Colombia and Chile. There, the process of forging a national identity around heroes was based essentially on four elements: indigenous mythology, military heroes, framing of the nation as a reflection of these heroes, and the development of national discourses. However, in each country—and even within a single country, as in the case of Yucatan in Mexico—it was the particular combination of these elements that provided the framework for the identity so constructed.

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