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49-1 | 2019
Exégèse et lectio divina dans la péninsule Ibérique médiévale

Exegesis and lectio divina in the medieval Iberian Peninsula
Exégesis y lectio divina en la península ibérica medieval
Edited by Amélie De Las Heras and Cándida Ferrero Hernández
MCV 49-1 - Couverture
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ISBN 978-84-9096-234-3

This collection of articles aims to delve into the biblical exegesis/lectio divina pairing in the medieval Iberian Peninsula. The observation of a hiatus questions this relationship: from the end of the eighth century until the end of the twelfth century there was no lineal commentary written in this field, although lectio divina continued to exist in religious communities. In order to provide an overview of the choices that lead to the writing and the conservation of exegetic texts, historiographers and philologists analyse the overlap between exegesis and lectio divina in the work or in the preaching of Isidore of Seville, as well as the circulation of the texts and the deployment of exegesis outside of the determined objectives of lectio divina. A counterpoint highlights the use of this pairing in the polemic between the three religions of the Book.

Publication history

Numéro ouvert le 4 mars 2019 et fermé le 15 juin 2019.

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