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Mélanges de la Casa de Velázquez covers a wide range of geographical areas – Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the Maghreb – and specialities – history archaeology, literature, geography, sociology, anthropology, and linguistics - from Antiquity to the present day.
The former series (n° 1 to 32) is available on Persée platform.

Latest issue
48-2 | 2018
Conexiones imperiales en ultramar

España y Portugal, 1575-1668
Imperial connexions overseas: Spain and Portugal, 1575-1668
Connexions impériales au-delà des mers : Espagne et Portugal, 1575-1668

If we look at some of our most widespread textbooks on modern European history, we will realize that as long as we do not incorporate the Iberian colonial world into them, we will continue to offer a deficient narrative. Thus, can we understand the commercial apogee of Holland in the 17th century, without taking into account the nautical discoveries made by Spanish and Portuguese explorers in previous years? The articles of this dossier attempt to answer this question, based on three levels of approach: the one provided by case studies that are little or unknown; the one that analyses preconceived models of colonization with the clear aim of legitimizing other political structures; and the one that makes a comparison with experiences similar to those conducted in other territories.

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Numéro ouvert le 5 novembre 2018 et fermé le 23 novembre 2018.

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