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Instructions for authors

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Recommandations aux auteurs []

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Operating principle

1Méditerranée is a peer-review all-digital journal operating on a mixed publishing principle:

  • Thematic issues assigned to guest editors.

  • Varia papers grouped in thematic sections assigned to a standing international committee.

2For any proposal of thematic issue, please contact Régis Darques (, Christophe Morhange ( or Jean-Noël Consalès (

Authors’ commitment

3Méditerranée only publishes original papers. By submitting their manuscripts, the authors attest ipso facto that:

  • their texts have not been published before,

  • their texts are not submitted simultaneously to a third-party editor,

  • they are fully authorised to submit all material for publication,

  • if accepted, the paper will not be republished without the express consent of the publisher,

  • their works are free from any plagiarism.

Peer review

4For any submission the authors may send their papers to the following editors:

  • Geoarchaeology, Environment, Ecosystems, Landscapes, and Risk
    Christophe MORHANGE, CEREGE, Europôle Méditerranéen de l'Arbois, BP 80 13545 Aix-en-Provence cedex 04,

  • Régis DARQUES, UMR 5281 ART-Dev, Université Paul Valéry, Site Saint-Charles, route de Mende, 34199 Montpellier cedex 5,

  • Territories, Societies, Culture, Land Planning, and Development
    Jean-Noël CONSALES, UMR 7303 Telemme, MMSH, 5, rue du Château de l’Horloge, 13090 Aix-en-Provence,

5Méditerranée uses double-blind peer review, which means that any paper is submitted to two anonymous reviewers at least. To facilitate the review process, please provide papers deprived of identifying elements such as special thanks, signature, and so on. This information will be provided on a dedicated title page.

6The editorial committee keeps the right at any time to reject the proposal if:

  • scientific and academic quality is considered inappropriate;

  • corrections are not applied;

  • editing standards are not respected;

  • the research issue and its design fall outside the scope of the journal.

Title page

7Provide us a separate title page that should include:

  • Title: in English and French

  • Author(s): Name, Surname, Position, Institution, Address, Email (and ORCID Number)

  • Abstract: up to 1,000 characters, in English and French

  • Thematic keywords: in English and French

  • Geographic keywords: in English and French

Main document


8Considering that Méditerranée publishes digital papers exclusively, the following technical data is not binding

  • Article = 25,000 – 50,000 characters

  • Book review < 5,000 characters


9A clear and simple text, easy to read (pay special attention to punctuation, paragraphs without excessive indentations). Structure this text into sections with explicit headings and subheadings.

  • Please take care to submit a manuscript free from spelling and grammar mistakes. Always use an appropriate proofreading software.

  • non-English words: italics.

  • non-English place names: in the source language, except when a well-known anglicized equivalent exists.

  • limit the use of numerals along the text and avoid paraphrasing statistics (round up values to integers or to one-digit numbers).

  • Footnotes should remain exceptional. Give preference to citations within the text.

  • Papers should be submitted as a Word document.

  • Use a Unicode font such as Arial Unicode, allowing the integration of different alphabets.

References and citation

10Use reference management softwares. Méditerranée has adopted the AAG style (American Association of Geographers) and specifically the Annals of the Association of American Geographers style.

11Style files are available at the following addresses:


12Article: Salvati, L., and V. Gargiulo Morelli. 2014. Unveiling Urban Sprawl in the Mediterranean Region: Towards a Latent Urban Transformation? IJUR International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 38 (6):1935-1953.

13Book chapter: Leone, V., R. Lovreglio, P. M. Martin, J. Martinez, and L. Vilar. 2009. Human Factors of Fire Occurence in the Mediterranean. In Earth Observation of wildland Fires in Mediterranean Ecosystems, ed. Springer, 149-170. Berlin-Heidelberg.

14Book: Sassen, S., D.-A. Canal, and S. Body-Gendrot. 1996. La ville globale : New york, Londres, Tokyo. Paris: Descartes & Cie.


15(Sassen, Canal, and Body-Gendrot 1996; Salvati and Gargiulo Morelli 2014; Leone et al. 2009)

16Please ensure that every reference in the text is also present in the reference list, and vice versa.


17Méditerranée attaches particular importance to cartographic and digital imaging productions. If you need assistance with map making and accuracy assessment, please contact Patrick Pentsch ( and/or Jean-Bernard Cholbi (

18Illustrations shall be integrated within the text to facilitate the reviewing process AND provided as separate digital files.

  • All materials are in color.

  • Any illustration shall include: title, source, author’s name (and date, for photographs).

  • Pay attention to the accuracy of titles and legends.

  • Do not forget to mention units.

Tables and figures

19They should be numbered separately from 1 to n.


20Provided in Excel format.


21Maps, images, charts, drawings, and photographs:

  • Figures should preferably be prepared with vector graphics editing softwares such as Illustrator and provided as vector eps ai files. Be careful: if bitmap images are embedded within vector files, provide them apart

  • Maps: do not forget to include scale bar and north arrow.

  • To eliminate software incompatibility issues, do not use frames on maps.

  • Minimum resolution for photographs: 300 dpi.

  • Be careful to place names (same principle as in the text).

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Electronic reference

« Instructions for authors », Méditerranée [Online], Instructions for authors, Online since 26 March 2019, connection on 23 September 2019. URL :

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