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Selection Process

MIDAS adopts a system of call for papers. Submissions are sent to Editors, and external specialists (see scientific committee) undertake a peer-review selection process. Its procedures are as follows:

  1. MIDAS verifies if the article submitted is original, and checks for plagiarism using automated software and internet research.

  2. Editors analyze the relevance of the submitted article and its adequacy to the journal’s profile and guidelines.

  3. For thematic issues of MIDAS, the coordinator is responsible for the first selection of submission. Articles then follow the peer-review process.

  4. Articles are sent in double blind review to two specialists/referees from the scientific committee, who in accordance with an evaluation form decide on the submission’s suitability for publication.

  5. In case of a split decision, Editors undertake a third evaluation.

  6. Referee evaluations are forwarded to the submission authors to undertake the necessary changes. At this moment, authors of submissions not accepted are informed.

  7. After the necessary modifications have been undertaken, referees receive them for validation.

  8. Editors finally review articles for more detailed analysis concerning, for example, grammatical errors and other formal aspects in order to maintain the quality of presentation.

  9. Final decisions are emailed to authors no longer than 6 months after submission.

Editors are responsible for the selection of texts included in the section “Notações” and Reviews.

MIDAS doesn’t charge authors for publication (APCs).

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