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The MIDEO (Miscellanies of the Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies in Cairo) is a scientific periodical created by the IDEO (Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies) in 1954. It releases an annual periodical focusing on a single theme as well as articles about Islamic studies and various texts. Open to all scholars and researchers, the published articles will mostly be those of the IDEO research team as well as scientists participating or collaborating to the research activities of the Institute. The periodical, written by theologians, philosophers and orientalists, emphasizes the religious and philosophical aspects related to the Institute's area of work. A special attention is paid to the history of the ideas and doctrines of the Arab world, to its past and present by studying it on its own and by analysing its ties to the Western world.

Because the Institute is located in Cairo, in the heart of the Middle East, the periodical will contain articles about historical, cultural and doctrinal problems in ancient and modern Egypt. The periodical will stay in close and constant collaboration with Egyptian scientists.

Each issue of the periodical will also present summaries and reviews of recent scientific publications.

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