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MIDEO is a scientific journal that focuses on the religious and philosophical areas of scholarship undertaken by the researchers at IDEO and its collaborators. Particular attention is paid to the history of ideas and doctrines of the Arab world, from the past and the present, as it sees itself as well as its relationship with the West. Produced in Egypt, MIDEO also has a particular interest in the historical, cultural and doctrinal problems of ancient and modern Egypt, which are pursued in close and constant collaboration with Egyptian scholars.

Current open issue
39 | 2024 (Open issue)
Le Coran du Caire, 1924 : texte, histoires et perspectives

مصحف الملك فؤاد ١٩٢٤م. النصّ والتأريخ والتحدّيات

This issue commemorates the centenary of the Cairo edition of the Quran, produced in 1924 under the patronage of King Fuʾād of Egypt. Largely unnoticed at the very time of its publication, this Quranic edition has nonetheless established itself as a reference in Western Islamic studies. The anthology of articles it offers, categorized by “text”, “history”, and “perspectives”, is largely drawn from the contributions made at a conference on this topic held at the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies in November 2021 and funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Cairo. It offers a multidisciplinary—and trilingual—reflection on the religious and political issues surrounding this Uthmani edition of the Quran, combining analyses of the historical context of its production, Egyptian printing, palaeography, and geopolitics of religion.

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Latest issue
38 | 2023
Théologies islamiques des catastrophes

فقه الكوارث في الإسلام

This issue of the MIDEO, dedicated to “Islamic Theologies of Disasters”, reminds us that Muslim societies have been regularly confronted with various disasters, both natural and human, throughout history and have found strategies to explain their causes and effects. The articles in the thematic dossier, edited by Haoues Seniguer (Lyon) and Abdessamad Belhaj (Louvain), present examples of theological discourses over the centuries that dealt with the calamities of their time.

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