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MIDEO is a scientific journal that focuses on the religious and philosophical areas of scholarship undertaken by the researchers at IDEO and its collaborators. Particular attention is paid to the history of ideas and doctrines of the Arab world, from the past and the present, as it sees itself as well as its relationship with the West. Produced in Egypt, MIDEO also has a particular interest in the historical, cultural and doctrinal problems of ancient and modern Egypt, which are pursued in close and constant collaboration with Egyptian scholars.

Current open issue
39 | 2023 (Open issue)
Le Coran du Caire, 1924 : texte, histoires et perspectives

مصحف قرآن الملك فؤاد ١٩٢٤ م. النصّ، التّأريخ والتّحدّيات

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Latest issue
37 | 2022
La récitation dans les premiers siècles de l’islam

القراءة في القرون الأُولى من الإسلام

The history of reciting the Quran has been rarely studied. This volume comprises most of the papers presented at the Third IDEO Conference held in Cairo in October 2020 on reciting in the early Islamic empire. It offers a space for reflecting on the different types of reciting in the Middle East from the late sixth to the ninth century C.E., including ‘Islamic religious’ contexts (Quran, Hadith), ‘non-Islamic religious’ contexts (Zoroastrianism, Syriac Christianity), and ‘secular’ contexts (graffiti). These types of recitation serve as a starting point for a reflection on the literary genres of the texts recited, on the recitation techniques, as well as on the agents of recitation and the socio-political contexts linked to the act of reciting.

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