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6 | 2010
Lieux, musiques, identités

Place, music, identity
Edited by Jeremy Price
Esteban live
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Credits : Gustavo Vara, licence Creative Commons sur Flickr

Since 2006 the expression of identity and cultural memory through sound and music has been one of the main research themes of the MIMMOC (Memory, Identity, Marginality in the Contemporary Western World), a group of researchers at the University of Poitiers. working on foreign languages and their associated cultures.

The MIMMOC was the main organiser, or co-organiser of several conferences on this theme:

  • 27/01/2006 : day conference entitled "Language, music and identity".
  • 21-23/11/2007: international conference entitled "Language, music and identity".
  • 4/12/2008: day conference entitled "Second Word War patriotism: the impact on musical movements".
  • 18-19/11/2009: day conference entitled: "Protest songs: expressions from the margins".
  • 4/5/2010: day conference entitled "Authenticity and legitimacy in Anglo-American popular culture".
  • 18/11/2010: day conference entitled "Listening to film: film soundtracks and cultural memory".

While these conferences all gave rise to specific publications, several papers dealt with the associated theme of musical representations of space and place. This online publication brings together these articles.

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