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The free access online periodical Mémoire(s), Identité(s), Marginalité(s) Cahiers du MIMMOC was established to publish research by the MIMMOC (Mémoires, Identités, Marginalités dans le Monde Occidental Contemporain) research team, a laboratory at the Poitiers University Faculty of Litterature and Languages, located at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société de Poitiers. The research team works with partners in France and abroad on projects concerning cultural and politics in Europe and the Americas.

Issues of Mémoire(s), Identité(s), Marginalité(s) Cahiers du MIMMOC are edited by members of the laboratory and are thematically linked to the research programmes defined by the team. The calls for contributions and for articles in the Cahiers are published on the laboratory website and on the sites of learned societies and associations in arts and social sciences. Proposals for articles can be sent to members of the Editorial Board. Before acceptance, they are submitted for a double blind peer review (see Instructions to Authors).