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1 | 2006
Figures de l'exclusion et de l'exil

Figures of Exclusion and Exile
Edited by Susan (Trouvé) Finding
Movimento Sem-Terra
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Credits : Daniel Zanini H., licence Creative Commons sur Flickr

Emerging from the themes of preceding research on marginality and censorship, which are two further forms of exclusion, this issue is devoted to the theme. The  MIMMOC (Mémoire, Identité(s), Marginalité(s) dans le Monde Occidental Contemporain) research team members, as the title of the group suggests, work on area studies in the Faculty of Letters and Languages at the University of Poitiers, on memory, identity and marginality in the Italian, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian ans Slave speaking cultural areas.  As this issue shows, the three main themes can be declined in various manners under the specific research theme chosen here: exclusion. This first issue of the online periodical constitutes the third collective volume produced by the MIMMOC: following  CENSURE(S) edited by Marie-Aline Barrachina (Cahiers du FORELL, 1999) and Figures de la Marge (PUR, 2002) edited by Hélène Menegaldo.

We would like to thank the following members of the research team for their precious help and careful scrutiny.