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4 | 2007
La mixité et le refus de l'hybridité

Diversity and the Refusal of Hybridity
Edited by Susan Trouvé-Finding and Vincent Latour
Modern Dance
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Credits : Lieven Soete, licence Creative Commons sur Flickr

The theme of Identity is at the heart of the contributions to this issue of the Cahiers. Among the issues raised on the subject of identity, those pertaining to plural identity, diversity and hybridity, are probably the ones that have been most raised in recent years, in view of recent political and social developments. That is the reason why the authors felt that a contribution to the debate by comparing the concepts of diversity and hybridity in their varying acceptions in France, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain. The following contributions are case studies which mainly concern English-speaking countries and France. They look at the contemporary European world.  Ethnicity is largely represented here as a theme, but other forms of diveristy and hybridity are also present.

The present articles stem from two day conferences and seminars organised by the MIMMOC research team. The first day conference "Diversity" was held at Poitiers on 29th April 2005 with the help of the CRECIB (Centre de Recherches et d’Études de la Civilisation britannique). The second day conference was organised at the University of Toulouse  2 Le Mirail, on 13th October 2006, on the question of  "Refusing cultural hybridity" organised by researchers from the TIDE (UMR 6588 CNRS) research team.