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ARIEL’s Corner


ARIEL’s Corner ("Arts Reviewed: Interpretation, Exhibitions, Literature"/« Arts en Revue : Interprétations, Entretiens, Lectures » ) welcomes contributions dealing with art from the English-speaking world (USA, UK, Commonwealth). These contributions may include:

  • interviews of artists (video, text, sound)

  • reviews of exhibitions, concerts, shows or performances

  • conference reviews

  • essays or notes on artworks or artists

  • essays of other kinds.

For scholarly articles on Ariel-related themes, see Prospero’s Island.

To submit your contribution, you have to contact the editor of the corresponding field.

List of the editors

Visual arts

British visual arts: Vanessa Alayrac (vanessa.alayrac-fielding[at]
American visual arts: Sophie Maruejouls (sophie.maruejouls[at]
Visual arts of the Commonwealth: Mathilde Rogez (rogez[at]
Digital arts: Arnaud Regnauld and Gwen le Cor (gwen.le-cor[at]

Comic books: David Roche (mudrockca[at]

Stage and Screen

British, American and Commonwealth theater: Emeline Jouve (emeline.jouve[at]
Film: David Roche (mudrockca[at]
Dance: Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud (nathalie.vincent-arnaud[at]


Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud and Philippe Birgy (nathalie.vincent-arnaud[at]


Images, videos or music can be sent, provided you have the rights to do so, of course. Please observe the editorial guidelines and stylesheet when sending your text.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, carbon-copying (c/c) your enquiry to Muriel Adrien: muriel.adrien[at]


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