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Projects for publication

Any scholar doing research related to the English-speaking world can submit a thematic project for publication in Miranda.

This project should include

  • the general framework and argument of the project (approx. 500 words)

  • the expected number of articles, as well as the languages used (English and/or French)

  • a 3-sentence abstract for each article with their titles. Do not give the authors’ names.

  • the expected deadlines for receiving the articles.

Please send the information at muriel.adrien[at]

Occasional articles for Prospero’s Island

Contributions for Prospero’s Island may be submitted to the editors dealing with the corresponding field of research.

For inquiries concerning contributions bearing on

  • British literature: laurent.mellet[at]

  • American literature: mariebouchet[at]

  • Early Modern and Shakespeare studies: nrivere[at]

  • British history, social sciences and international relations: nathalieduclos[at]

  • American history, social sciences and international relations: stefani[at]

  • Commonwealth, postcolonial and diaspora studies: rogez[at]

  • For scholarly articles related to artistic fields:

      • British visual arts: Vanessa Alayrac (vanessa.alayrac-fielding[at]

      • American visual arts: Sophie Maruejouls (sophie.maruejouls[at]

      • Visual arts of the Commonwealth: Mathilde Rogez (rogez[at]

      • Digital arts: Arnaud Regnauld and Gwen le Cor (gwen.le-cor[at]

      • Comic books: David Roche (mudrockca[at]

      • British, American and Commonwealth theater: Emeline Jouve (emeline.jouve[at]

      • Film: David Roche (mudrockca[at]

      • Dance: Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud (nathalie.vincent-arnaud[at]

      • Music: Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud and Philippe Birgy (nathalie.vincent-arnaud[at]

Please send your article as an electronic attachment to the appropriate address (i.e. above). In a covering email message, confirm that the submitted article is original work and that you are submitting it only to Miranda. Please observe the editorial guidelines and stylesheet when sending your manuscript for publication in Miranda.

Book Reviews

Miranda is interested in reviewing a broad range of materials within an international scope. The reviewed work should appear at the head of the review using the following citation guidelines in the following order: author of book, full title of book, city of publication, publisher, year, price, number of pages, ISBN, name of reviewer, e-mail address and institutional affiliation. Reviews will be preferably in English, regardless of the language of the item reviewed. The review editor will accept reviews in French.

Please submit the review to the review editor as an electronic attachment within two months after reception of the item to review. Please avoid notes. Please indicate the page number when you quote from the book (between parentheses). Please comply with the stylesheet.

Publishers or authors wishing a book to be considered for inclusion should send it to the following Review Editor:
Professor Isabelle Keller-Privat
English Departement / Département des études anglophones
Université de Toulouse Jean-Jaurès
5 allées Antonio Machado
31058 Toulouse Cédex

All inquiries regarding reviews on books

  • related to the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth should be addressed to: Isabelle Keller-Privat (isa.kellerprivat[at]

  • related to the United States should be addressed to:
    Candice Lemaire (cpr.lemaire[at]

ARIEL’s Corner

To submit a contribution to ARIEL’s Corner, please click here.

Copyright statement

Please send the copyright statement separately to the following address:

CAS – « Cultures Anglo-Saxonnes »
Université de Toulouse Jean Jaures
5 allées Antonio Machad
31058 Toulouse Cédex 9

To download the copyright statement, please click on the file below.

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