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Instructions to the authors

Submit an article or a note

The manuscript should contain the following elements:

  • text of article (12 000 words maximum) or text of note (4 000 words maximum);

  • presentation of the author in some lines (formation, status, institution, fields of research, current researches);

  • 1 abstract of the article in the language of the article and 1 abstract in the other language (English or French as the case);

  • 5 in 10 keywords in French and in English;

  • the title of the article translates in the other language (English or French as the case);

  • the list of the legends of figures in the same file as the text, at the end of this last one, if necessary;

  • the illustrations in numeric version, digitized in 300 dpi minimum  (JPEG  or tiff), if necessary.

These documents will be sent at and accompanied of copies of the authorizations of the reproductions of images, if necessary.

Presentation’s rules

  • Notes at the end of the article;

  • Notes on the acronyms and abbreviations, on systems of transcription or transliteration used, and other information enabling the reading of the text (if necessary);

  • text seized in Times or Times New Roman, body 12, without style sheet;

  • double line-spacing;

  • italics for the foreign words (except when it is about names of institutions);

  • references of notes numbered continuously and in Arabic numerals and to insert by using the numbering automatic nonstop;

  • bibliographical References presented in “Anglo-Saxon” way (cf. “References” in “document annexe”);

  • organize into a hierarchy your crossheads with: I / I.1. / I.1.1. (No more than 3 levels of crossheads, avoid too long titles and  crossheads);

  • do not write words in capitals.

Document annexe

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